“I love to photograph the world. It’s as simple as that. I want to capture this life and every moment that I can because I want put a pause on moments–not only for myself to remember, but for you. Times you feel passionate, unconditionally loved, beautiful, and strong.”

Emalee Marie

Photographer & artist

Emalee's creative eye and attention to detail truly make these photographs something that we will cherish forever and we can't wait to hang them all around our home.
Sierra O'shea
Some of the very best photography in this city. Reminds me of the type of work you see coming out of National Geographic. Top notch, five stars all the way.
Thomas Watson, owner of roots family history

Fine art Dance Photography by Emalee Marie

The definition of embodiment is a tangible and visible form of an idea or feeling and I have found no better meaning of the word than by photographing dancers and their movement. My vision and passion is to create images that evoke a feeling of awe and astonishment, as well as showcase the moments in dance not seen by the human eye. 

Earlier this year I was able to shoot with the Project Flux company as they prepared to showcase their performance “Sentences” at Ming Studios in downtown Boise. It was incredible to watch the group working together to become a voice through movement for those silenced. Every ounce of energy available was poured into that piece and it showed. It was an honor to work with the group in capturing the heart behind the work .