Christmas Eve at the River, ’18

Waiting for the whole day of Christmas Eve like every year is always a bit slow, so much anticipation for the family to gather together to celebrate, so this year instead of hoping we could sneak in a nap while waiting we decided to take our dog Chloe to the river. Mistake. Don’t take your river loving dog to the river in December. You now have a fair warning. 

You’ll see below why you shouldn’t take you river loving dog to the river in December. But I’ll tell you why anyways, because they don’t care. December might as well be July to them. And they really don’t care whether you have a towel to dry them off. 

And the beautiful girl with our wet river dog is my sister Julia, its a rare moment for me to be able to photograph her. So I’ll consider a sweet little gift to photograph her laughter when I can.