Creativity with Selby Jenkins

Originally I met Selby over the summer while photographing a dress rehearsal for Project Flux at Ming Studios. Selby was so quiet the whole time, she was focused, and I admired the way she was so intentional in all of her movement from her breath to her dancing. 

A few months later Selby reached out to me about doing some work together, so we met up downtown and made it happen. 

This was one of those sessions that I didn’t plan for beforehand, I just wanted to see where things went & what came from it. And Selby gave me exactly what I wanted; growth. 

There was one thought that stuck with me throughout the session though and it was, “Grow Organically”. 

As an artist growing into who I am and what kind of work I want to put out has been a big challenge, and giving myself patience is an art. Like all art, it takes time.

Thank you Selby for getting creative with me.