Emalee Marie

About me...

I love God, my family, and my black tea. In that order too. 


This is my heart. Photography is the most fluent language I speak.

I love to photograph the world. It’s as simple as that. I want to capture this life and every moment that I can because I want put a pause on moments–not only for myself to remember, but for you. Times you feel passionate, unconditionally loved, beautiful, and strong. I want to showcase the moments that go unseen. To make a way for these things to always be remembered. It’s the most fluent language I speak and its an honor to capture passion, love, & beauty. To capture it all and to share life. That is my heart. 

My Journey as an Artist...

At 15 years old I started taking pictures on a broken iPod, soon after that, a little point and shoot was given to me by a neighbor. Even crazier, next thing I knew a local photographer  gave me their old dslr, and that was one of the sweetest blessings in my life. From there, my passion only grew as I practiced the craft and learned to create my own style specifically as a dance photographer, but as an artist in general. Since then, I have worked as an apprentice at Roots Family History as a colorist and print maker, and continue to further my knowledge in current editing software and camera equipment while growing as a business owner.


  • www.embodimentphotography.com
  • emalee@embodimentphotography.com
  • (208) 972-6500