Titus Martinez Birth Story

9pm august 12th,

Kaneda messaged me to let me know she was in labor, and so immediately I started to swell with joy. It doesn’t matter how many births I shoot, each time I still get the same nerves & butterflies. Life is coming into the world & not only am I there to witness it but I am there with the honor of documenting it. 

That being said, I packed up my gear, got into my car, and started praying for mom & baby, & the whole birthing process. When I got there Kaneda was dialated to an 8 and from there it was just a waiting game. waiting on baby Martinez. 

After a few updates to the family & a few hours of contractions things finally started to pick up, and the pushing was about to begin...The world around a little crazier as baby got closer and closer.

at 12:11am on Monday August 13th we got to meet little titus for the first time, and he was so beautiful with all the tiny hairs on his head & his sweet little fingers clinging to mom. 

6lbs, 6oz, & 19 inches of handsome little Titus jude rango Martinez.